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Borjomi National Park is one of the largest national parks in Europe. It has always been renowned for its rare and endemic species of trees as well as unique plants.

Today Borjomi forest needs our help!

In August 2015 wildfires hit Borjomi forest which has top grade ecological significance. Wildfires, lasting several days, spread across 950 ha of forest from which 250 ha has been completely burnt to the ground. Over years we have witnessed progressing ecological disaster. Effects of the disaster hinders natural restoration of the forest and human intervention has no alternative. According to experts from WWF and United Nation’s Development Program the ‘Borjomi forest requires urgent human intervention, otherwise damages to natural forest will become irreversible’.

Your Corporate Forest

To corporations that contribute to tree planting, Treepex offers the following services:

Corporate Forest

The forest lot that will be rehabilitated by you will have your corporate name


The Map can be integrated into your website where your trees are located

Calculate your CO2

The formula calculates how much CO2 has been absorbed by your trees


The certificate proves your contribution for planting trees and restoration of the forest.

Watch Video

The real facts what happens in Borjomi forest nine year after the fire

What Business Is Saying?

You can plant a tree via our online platform www.agadgine.ge/en
A) If you represent a business and would like to plant trees please press ‘restore’ and fill in the ‘business’ section.
B) If you are an individual user please press ‘restore’ and fill in ‘for you’ section.
The goal of the campaign is to completely rehabilitate Borjomi Forest. To achieve this we plan to clear the entire territory of debris created as a result of the fire, secure it with the fence, plant and take care of 750,000 trees over next 5 years. The campaign gives opportunity and unites businesses and individuals across the globe to take part.
First 3 years the trees will be looked after by startup Treepex who will take care of the watering and essential maintenance activities after which the Georgian National Forestry Agency will continue for another 2 years as set out in the official agreement memorandum. Members of the local community who have already received specialised training will be fully involved in this process.
Members of the local community who have received specialised trainings will be the major contributors in this process. Also, volunteer groups and any individuals who would like to participate are kindly invited to enquire.
A) If you are planting in the name of a business the minimum amount of trees is 100 and there is no maximum limit.
B) There are different levels of commitment for individuals:

1 tree = tree lover
2 trees = tree lover couple
3 trees = go green
5 trees = greenovator
10 trees = trend setter
25 trees = naturalist
50 trees = forest saver
100 trees = forest owner
In the unfortunate event of seedling drying out, another one is planted totally free of charge. This is the natural process, however previous years experience showed us 95% survival rate. When the rest 5% dies replanting is carried out at no extra cost.
70% of the trees planted will be Caucasian Pine. According to the forest experts’ recommendations Maple trees and Quercus Iberica, or the Georgian Oak will constitute the rest 30%.
Container seedlings have the highest survival rate and are recommended by the international experts. Production of container seedlings in Georgia was initiated by a World Bank and further developed by Germany’s International Collaboration Society (GIZ) invited experts Stellan Carlsson (Sweden) and Dieter Müller (Germany).
A) For businesses the price per tree is 10.00GEL, equivalent of 4.00USD.
The 1st planting cycle will start on 5th May and resume on 1st of June 2017.
The 2nd planting cycle will start on 1st September and resume on 20th November 2017.
The period between 1st of June and 1st of September during which planting is not recommended, will be used for clearing whole territory from debris, installing the fence and preparing for the 2nd planting cycle.
Yes, you can. We do organise planting events for volunteers time by time. Please check our website www.agadgine.ge and follow us on facebook
First of all you will receive an electronic certificate with the information about how many trees you have planted, for whom or for which company. Later you will receive a link with a photo and geographical location of your tree. Your name, photo and geographical location for your tree(s) will be pinned to the map
Wherever you are in the world you can plant the tree via https://aghadgine.ge/ka
Minimum amount of trees business participants are required to plant is 100 and maximum number is not limited.
The campaign is planned and executed by Business Information Agency (BIA), start up Treepex and National Forestry Agency of Georgia.

Get Involved
Together we can reclaim and recover the forest

For the further information please contact us at info@treepex.com